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Exclusivity is the monopoly of the true craftsman

Flowers know how to arouse emotions through their most disparate shapes, colors and scents, thus bringing us closer to the natural world. For hundreds of years now, flowers have been present in our lives, at our ceremonies, satisfying that need for natural beauty and reconciling us with the rhythm of the seasons. A flower is beautiful in every phase of its life: the bud, so delicate, which opens to then become a fragile paper stem as it withers. Each season reveals its floral treasures, something I love very much as I prefer to use seasonal flowers from sustainable sources. My designs are inspired by nature and for me, nothing can compete with bringing the outside into yourself. Flowers enhance any possible setting, be it a single stem in a vase next to you while you work or the bouquet for your wedding.

Wedding bouquet in Florence

A lush and beautiful wedding bouquet is filled with perfectly nourished flowers at their best, ready for their starring role. The color scheme of the wedding flowers is enclosed in the bride's bouquet. It all starts here.

Each stem matters, whether it is a large flower or a clumpy tendril. When it all comes together, I like to wrap the stems in silk ribbons to match the colors of the flowers to the wedding dress.  A wedding bouquet is a very personal fashion accessory, practically unforgettable in the life of the bride: that's why I take the creation of the bridal bouquet very seriously. Once the bride has developed a theme for her wedding and chosen her wedding dress, I create a bespoke bridal bouquet design that will reflect the bride's style, complement the beauty of her gown, and harmonize perfectly with the wedding. environment and place.

I like to personally deliver wedding flowers directly to our customers: not surprisingly, the most beautiful memory of every wedding day is precisely the one in which I deliver those long-awaited flowers to the bride and be part of this moment that brings so much joy and emotion .

Nature continues to renew itself, as we do thanks to the incessant passion for quality and for this profession.

For your bridal bouquet in Florence , you can contact me at 055.485542

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