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Your artisan florist

My name is Ezio De Angelis . I have always loved my job as much as my family. On the other hand, only in this way can you become a good florist, learn the trade, the name of flowers, attend increasingly complex training courses , accept all types of customers and the challenge of competition. -136bad5cf58d_


The power of collaboration

I am an artisan florist who works with everything related to flora, fronds and blooms to create large and small compositions, huge delicate vases and cups, generous bouquets and miniature button boxes, along with disjointed arches and exquisite flower garlands. -5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

In more than 25 years of activity I have attended, with excellent results, many training courses in the floristic technique and thanks to my work I have been able to travel the world and create fantastic floral arrangements both alone and together with other professionals. In fact, I really believe in collaboration and in the power of experiences because I think you can always learn new things and improve yourself.

The harmony of beauty

My strengths are the continuous search for the harmony of the beauty and elegance of flowers, continuous training and updating, deep listening to customers and clear communication. Consideration is another word that represents me a lot: consideration of the client, of my time, of my work, of the requests I receive.

I firmly believe that, to obtain important results, we must work in a climate of mutual esteem and respect in order to row in the same direction and achieve our goal. I prefer sober elegance, full of delicate and decisive details at the same time, all necessary to create a harmonious and suggestive whole.

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