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Floral designer in Florence

Each stem, each branch and each flower has its role to play. Hence a floral story ...


As a floral designer in Florence, I let myself be inspired by the beauty of the places and the wide open spaces that mother nature gives us. I have a lot of respect for the context in which I find myself: whether I find myself working in a sophisticated villa, on a private estate or in an intimate place, in a rustic barn rather than in an aseptic space, my approach to work is always the same , that is to respect it without upsetting its harmonic sense . 

I like to update myself on the latest trends of the moment and then interpret them and revisit them in the mood preferred by the spouses, with an always personal and original cut. I am constantly looking for the most original materials and the most unusual objects. As a floral designer I avail myself of the help of tireless and passionate people, ready to support me in every initiative.


My experience at your service

In more than 25 years of activity in the sector, I have selected the best suppliers who share my same passion for flowers and for their infinite potential and versatility, guaranteeing me exceptional freshness and quality. I prefer to select a limited number of events in order to be able to devote all the attention and dedication necessary to make them better . 

I prefer to work closely with each client to understand their needs and thus develop a unique creative direction for each space. I work with married couples (and with their wedding planner if they have one) to guide them in their choice of color, style and floral design and I make sure that every detail is complementary to the wedding. 136bad5cf58d_

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Why choose me?

The spouses who choose Ezio De Angelis know that they will be able to obtain:  
•    A sincere friend who will take them by the hand and guide them step by step  
•    A professional and a highly organized team  _cc781905-5cde-3194bad5-136bbad
•    A wedding cared for in a maniacal way and in every single aspect  _cc7819094-136bad5cf58d__cc781905bad
•    A personalized wedding, unique and unrepeatable, never banal 
•    A sober, refined marriage characterized by timeless elegance . 
•    An authentic experience and a surprising sensory journey for their guests to make them feel immediately at ease but also to surround them with a continuous and pleasant surprise . 

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