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Philosophy and sustainability

Being able to work with flowers and colors represents, for me, a wonderful opportunity . My intent is to create real experiences: visual, sensorial but above all emotional to leave an indelible memory over time.

Creating living art and evoking emotions in people's lives is an extraordinary way to earn a living and work in a world of passion and beauty can only be a real privilege. With so many flowers and plants coming and going every day, the shop is an ever-changing palette of colors and shapes .


A constant balance with nature

It is important to maintain a balance with nature when you are so addicted to it, which is why I always try to be very attentive to the environment and to have an eco-sustainable business. The seasons play an important role in my projects, together with the possibility of buying as many flowers and leaves grown in Italy. It's not always possible, but buying from local Tuscan flower growers is very special: the flowers are strong and the scents are addictive.

I don't believe in simple flower arrangements, but I like to engage in design with lovely flowers, bewitching colors and intriguing textures. I am fascinated by the unique creations, made to measure. And from the smallest bespoke bouquet to large corporate set-ups and customized installations for the home, I try to satisfy the most extraordinary wishes for every occasion.

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